Microsoft Office is the most popular document processing software that you can find as of now. However, it is not the only document processing software available to use. You can find many alternatives to Microsoft Office 2019. Here are 10 such outstanding alternatives.

  • LibreOffice

If you are looking for an open-source alternative to Microsoft Office, which you can use for free, you should take a look at LibreOffice. It is a cross-platform word processing application. Hence, you can use it on Windows, Linux or on Mac OS. You can also get a LibreOffice document viewer for Android devices. LibreOffice is using Open Document file format, which is also known as OPF.

  • G Suite

G Suite is developed by Google and it is another popular alternative for Microsoft Office 2019. You can use G Suite for free. You just need to have a Google account to access the G Suite document management tool. It can help you to store the documents on Google Drive. Documents that you compile with G Suite can be downloaded in .docx file format.

  • Zoho Workplace

Zoho Workplace offers numerous additional features to Google Docs. Hence, you can think about calling it as a powerful Microsoft Office alternative available for you to use. It comes with numerous collaborative tools and file management solutions to ensure your convenience.

  • WordPerfect

WordPerfect is one of the oldest document management software applications available. It is compatible with numerous popular file formats, such as HTML, PDF and DOCX. You can also convert your documents directly to PDF with the support of WordPerfect.

  • OnlyOffice

If you don’t wish to access extensive documentation capabilities, you can think about using OnlyOffice as an alternative to Microsoft Office. This is another free and open source alternative for Microsoft Office. You can get numerous amazing features with the free version. For example, you can even create your mailbox with it.

  • Polaris Office

Polaris Office is a free alternative to Microsoft Office. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS. This is quite popular in the corporate world. Numerous leading brands such as Samsung and Amazon are using it. That’s because Polaris Office is offering compatibility to various file formats. You can also access Polaris Office in numerous languages.

  • OfficeSuite

If you are having multiple documents and if you are willing to keep your documents synced in between them, you should think about using OfficeSuite. The basic version of OfficeSuite is available for free. However, people who wish to get additional features and pay and buy them. You can get compatibility with OfficeSuite for common file formats such as DOC, CSV, RTF, ODT and ZIP. On the other hand, it is compatible with numerous cloud services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

  • Calligra

You can access Calligra for free and it offers numerous advanced and excellent features. If you are using Linux, this is a perfect solution available to consider. Most of the people prefer to use Calligra because of its project management tools. You can also create perfect mind maps with Calligra.

  • WPS Office

Free version of WPS Office is offering some decent features and you can use it as a great alternative for Microsoft Office 2019. In the free version, you can access Spreadsheets, Presentation and Writer. This is available for iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows.

  • FreeOffice

FreeOffice looks pretty much similar to Microsoft Office 2019. However, it is available for free. You can install FreeOffice on Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you wish to get the same familiar interface for free, you can use FreeOffice.

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