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GTA is a widely popular action-adventure open-world game franchise by Rockstar Studios. In GTA V, players for the first time can play with three characters, Michael De-Santa (a professional bank robber, retired), Franklin Clinton (gangbanger) and Trevor Phillips (career criminal). The player can switch between characters.

GTA 5 gameplay is both third-person and first-person shooter, where satisfied gamers around the world have boomed their way to money, in the virtual city of Los Santos, San Andreas. Apart from the old-school GTA features of wanted levels and carrying many weapons at a time, GTA V gameplay boasts a bigger world with many other activities and side-missions. A character-based, story-rich widely-acclaimed shooter makes players progress as per their wish, and from any character’s perspective.

Also experience the GTA V multiplayer, where up to 30 players can connect and play single-player and other cooperative missions.

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